What is pitch? Special rules in pitch

What is pitch? The pitch is where all events in a football match take place. In other words, the pitch line is an important factor that helps players and fans evaluate and enjoy the match better. With 5JILI, all secrets about pitch lines will be revealed.

What is pitch?

What is pitch?
  • The pitch line, in the language of sports especially football, is an important concept that fans and players often have to understand. The pitch is not simply a part of the football field, but it plays a decisive role in the conduct of a football match. So what is a pitch line?
  • The pitch is a part of the football field that serves as a large drawing where the match takes place. It is the space containing the turf that players will play on. Usually, a football field will be divided into sections like a large T shape, with two goal areas at either end and a middle section as the pitch.
  • The grass surface of the pitch must comply with strict standards of levelness and hardness to ensure the game is fair and safe for players. The grass is often cut short and carefully maintained to ensure consistency throughout the match.
  • The pitch line is divided into many different parts, including:
  • Goal area: These are the two sections containing the goal at each end of the pitch. This is where the player must score goals and prevent the opponent from scoring. This area is often marked with a distinct color and has its own rules regarding the use of hands to make contact with the ball.
  • Center: This is the central part of the pitch, where the focus of the match takes place. Teams try to control the center to create scoring opportunities and prevent their opponents from doing the same.
  • Wings and boundary areas: The pitch is divided into two wings and boundary areas on either side. Players often use the wings to create variety and attack by bringing the ball into the central area from these positions.

The Importance of Pitch Line in Soccer

The Importance of Pitch Line in Soccer

The pitch is a football field, it is not simply a grass surface on which players race and kick the ball. It is an important and indispensable part of the game, having a great influence on the matches and the final results. The pitch is not only the place where the match takes place but also the foundation for every aspect of football, from individual technique to team tactics and fan emotions.

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One of the most important elements of the pitch is the turf. The turf must be maintained in a good state, with appropriate leveling and hardness to ensure player safety and create the best conditions for the match. A beautiful football field with smooth turf not only glorifies the game but also creates good conditions for players to demonstrate their talents and techniques.

In addition, the pitch is divided into different areas, including the goal area, central area, and wings. Each of these areas plays an important role in implementing the team’s tactics. The goal area is where goals are scored and players must show patience and discipline to take advantage of opportunities.

The central area is where every match takes place and control of the center often determines match dominance. The wing is where players attack from the outside and create diversity in the team’s playing style.

Special rules in the goal area on the pitch

Special rules in the goal area on the pitch

Goal area – An important part of the pitch in football, not simply the two goals and the 16.5-meter area around them. It is a special area, with unique rules and strictness to ensure the game is fair and safe. Below are some special rules in the goal area that players, coaches, and referees must follow.

Rules about using hands

In the goal area, the goalkeeper has the right to use his hands to make contact with the ball, while other players are not allowed. This requires the goalkeeper’s sharpness and reliability to catch or push away the ball to prevent the opponent from scoring.


When a violation occurs within the team’s goal area, the referee may decide to pay a penalty to the violated team. This is a good opportunity to score and is usually done from very close to the goal. Please follow and subscribe to us to better understand why the referee blew the penalty whistle like that.

Protect the goalkeeper

Opposing players are not allowed to cause trouble, beat or violate the goalkeeper while defending the goal area. This ensures the goalkeeper’s safety and ensures the player can do his job effectively.

Rules for goalkeepers

The goalkeeper has the right to be protected from unnecessary contact. These rules include that players are not allowed to enter the goalkeeper’s personal space and are not allowed to challenge the goalkeeper by hitting them.

Rules for corner kicks

When the ball goes out of the goal after a corner kick, the corner-kicking team will be allowed to kick the corner from the corners of the field. This is an opportunity to create a scoring opportunity, and teams often use special tactics to make good use of this opportunity.

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Outside the goal area

The referee must ensure that players do not have access to the goal area when the referee declares the ball to be unmoved or under the control of the goalkeeper. This ensures fairness and prevents encroachment into the area.

What is a pitch line? A pitch line plays an important role in creating the sporting and cultural space surrounding football. It is where dramatic matches, glorious moments, and intense emotions take place. The pitch is where passion and love for football come true.

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