What is a 1/4 Handicap? Standard Betting Strategy

5JILI will explain carefully What is a 1/4 Handicap is for you to understand. It can be seen that this 1/4 ratio appears a lot in sports matches, especially football. Therefore, players need to understand the concepts and strategies of betting effectively.

Introduction What is a 1/4 handicap?

Introduction What is a 1/4 handicap?

In the sports betting tables of bookmakers, a handicap is considered the most popular form. Typically the ratio is 1/4, also known as half ball. For this bet, the bettor will evaluate and decide to predict the winning or losing team. The special point is that there is no tie so players can receive half or full bonus.

The betting method for this type of 1/4 bet is not as difficult as other odds. However, when participating, you still need to demonstrate your own calculation and evaluation skills. Thereby, you make investments based on information about performance, scoring ability, playing strategy, etc. at present.

How to read 1/4 odds in sports betting

  • To help players understand the half-ball bet, follow how to read this form of betting. As shared, the purpose of betting is to find the winning team and the losing team, not a draw. Then there are 3 main results as follows:
  • The higher-odds team wins with a difference of 0.25 goals. At this time, the player who placed the upper bet receives all winnings. On the contrary, whoever bets lower will lose all their bets.
  • If the underdog wins, the player who bets on the underdog receives the full amount of the prize money. At this time, the person who bet on the upper bet loses all their bet money.
  • If two teams tie, the person placing the upper and lower bets will both lose half of their bet.

Effective 1/4 handicap betting strategy

Effective 1/4 handicap betting strategy

Although the odds are easy, when choosing a handicap of 1/4, players should still apply the strategy. This makes your investment experience more secure, avoiding maximum risks. Here are 5 betting strategies that players can easily follow:

Full bet on the upper bet

The 1/4 handicap betting strategy of experts shows that the upper hand has a very advantage. As long as that team has better performance, the score will exceed 0.25. Especially in large-scale matches that require breakthroughs, the upper hand has an even greater advantage. Players who bet completely on their favorite team will now receive the expected reward.

Don’t just follow one match.

Some players think that if you only play one match, it is difficult to win. If so, the defensive bet will only earn the limit and break even. Therefore, you should pay attention to the number of matches participating in betting, which cannot be just 1 match.

Please bet at least 2-3 times to get more stable results. However, the bookmaker recommends that players only bet on a maximum of 5 matches. So the best number for you to participate in this 1/4 bet is 3 matches a day.

Combine with other types of bets.

The 1/4 handicap is a fairly easy form of betting, suitable for new players because the odds are not high. Just like the same ball bet (no draw), you just need to choose whether the winning team is upper or lower.

So to achieve high efficiency in the betting process, combine it with other bets. Normally, the types of bets that many people predict are 1/2 handicap, over/under, odd-even, etc. This helps increase the Odds ratio more than usual.

Determined by factors affecting results

Some people think that the ratio 1/4 is easy so there is no need to pay attention to the information. This is a mistake because if you put money down on a hunch, the risk is high. Instead, focus on identifying factors that influence results. Such as playing strategy, weather situation, current form, number of past goals, etc. Thanks to that, your betting experience is much more effective.

Historical statistics of results

Historical statistics of results

For the 1/4 handicap, the player needs to choose which team wins and loses. This will be easier if you summarize the historical results of the two teams in the match. For example, the match between Manchester City and Watford has an odds of 0.25. So now, players need to consider which team has won more in the confrontation history.

If Manchester City has a high winning streak, then you can choose the upper bet which is good. However, Watford often creates unexpected goals. Even if the current form is much better than Manchester City, choose the underdog.


5JILI has given you information about What is a 1/4 Handicap as well as effective strategies. It can be said that this form of betting meets the entertainment needs of players. Thereby, you can easily deposit money and predict according to the expert’s strategy. From there, bettors will have the most effective experience. Understanding more about what throw-in betting is will help you be more comfortable in the betting process.

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