Top best goalkeepers in the world

Who are the top best goalkeepers in the world is something that many people are learning about. For viewers who regularly watch major tournaments, it will be nothing strange. But for those of you who rarely watch football, this is something that needs to be answered. And to answer who the top goalkeepers are, we invite you to follow the article. This article by 77jl ph will provide this information.

Why must there be a goalkeeper in a match?

Anyone who has ever watched football must know that there are always 11 players on the field. However, if you pay attention, there is always a player wearing a different color shirt and standing in front of the goal, that is the goalkeeper position.

As introduced above, the goalkeeper is the shortest player on the field. This person will be responsible for protecting the goal against opponents’ attacks. The goalkeeper will be responsible for protecting the goal.

What is a goalkeeper? Basic knowledge about goalkeepers.

The goalkeeper, also known as the goalkeeper, is the person in front of the goal. The final block prevents the opponent from scoring. The goalkeeper is the only person who can use his hands to play the ball on the field. Normally, traditional goalkeepers often wear the number 1 shirt.

Top best goalkeepers in the world – The role of the goalkeeper

As mentioned above, the role of the goalkeeper is extremely important. Today, the football philosophy of major teams in the world is gradually changing. These teams want to have attack options right from their home field.

That requires the goalkeeper to also know how to play with his feet, which means they must also know how to pass the ball or handle close situations from opponents. To summarize, the role of a good goalkeeper includes being able to block well, knowing how to play with his feet, and being able to launch attacks from goal.

Who is on the list of the best goalkeepers in the world?

Any strong team needs an excellent goalkeeper to be able to conquer titles. The football world has produced many good goalkeepers from many different nationalities such as Colombia, Germany, and Spain,… They are the ones who have contributed to bringing their country as well as their club to the top. peaks of glory. Let’s find out who the top goalkeepers in the world are.

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Man City and Brazil’s number 1 choice, Ederson Moraes

Whether it’s Brazil or Manchester City, they are both the strongest clubs today. However, Ederson is always the number 1 choice of coaches whether at the club or the national team. That proved his excellence compared to other competitors. He was the main factor contributing to Manchester City’s historic treble victory.

Iker Casillas, the best goalkeeper in Real Madrid’s history

Iker Casillas, the best goalkeeper in Real Madrid's history

First is Spanish goalkeeper Iker Casillas. He has spent his entire career serving for the Spanish team and Real Madrid club. During his top playing career, he spent 16 years contributing to Real Madrid. Won many big and small titles like 1 C1 cup. He was voted the best goalkeeper in the world for 5 consecutive years from 2008-2012.

In the national team shirt, Casillas was very successful, winning 2 Euro cups and 1 World Cup. This is an achievement that is difficult for any goalkeeper in the world to surpass. In 2020, he decided to retire in Porto’s shirt after 20 years of extremely successful professional football.

Yashin, the first and only goalkeeper to win the Golden Ball

Yashin, the first and only goalkeeper to win the Golden Ball

Mentioning the name Yashin, many football viewers may feel unfamiliar with this name. But for those who have watched football for a long time or are passionate about learning football history, this is not a strange name. Yashin is a Soviet goalkeeper who played in the 1950s and 1970s.

His top playing career was associated with the Moscow club and the Soviet national team. In 20 years of professional competition, he has won countless large and small titles such as European Cup champion and Olympic gold medal. And one thing that no goalkeeper has ever done is win the golden ball.

The goalkeeper won 3 C1 and Navas

For Real Madrid fans, they will never forget this team’s achievement of winning the C1 championship 3 times in a row. And the person who contributed greatly to this resounding victory was goalkeeper Navas. He is always a solid blocker at the wooden goal in important matches for Real Madrid. That’s why Real Madrid won the championship three times in a row.


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