List of 5 Best Center Strikers of All Time

Who are the best strikers of all time? Let’s find out the details and it will be useful information about football for everyone. When you are interested in this kind of sport, this is basic and interesting knowledge. Join 5JILI to update the 5 most prominent and highly rated names of all time.

What is the striker position?

What is the striker position?

Striker Striker – ST is the highest playing position in a football team when participating in a specific match. This is the player assigned to score the main goal. Normally, this position will not require too much movement. Standing close to the opponent’s goal, the striker will usually not participate in defense.

The center forward must know how to choose his position, move without the ball, and receive passes from teammates. The ability to accurately shoot into the opponent’s goal will create goals, thereby bringing the final victory to your team.

In modern football, the striker does not simply stop at scoring goals. Accordingly, when playing in this position, players also have top-creating and creating skills. Flexible transformation between the striker and surrounding satellite positions helps aim for goals.

List of the 5 best strikers of all time 

There are many names appearing on this list. Each player has different impressive achievements in the team they play for. Among them, the 5 most prominent names that need to be updated are:

Striker Lionel Messi

Striker Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi has always been known as a great player who plays as a striker. This is the most prominent name on this list. For nearly 20 years, Lionel Messi has been the most classy player of Barcelona Club. At the same time, he is also a name with a strong influence on the national team.

With high speed, skillful technique, dexterity, and top tactical mind, Messi has affirmed his ability. He has his influence no matter which team he joins. With strong finishing ability and high accuracy with both feet, Lionel Messi is the most talented striker of all time.

Striker Cristiano Ronaldo

When mentioning Messi, the name Cristiano Ronaldo cannot be ignored. This player born in 1985 has an impressive height of 1m88 and great physical strength. Along with his top football skills, he became an irreplaceable part of the team. The ability to score impressive and powerful goals in many situations is a clear testament to Ronaldo’s talent.

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In modern football history, Cristiano Ronaldo has become one of the best strikers. With a huge personal achievement list of 5 golden balls and 4 golden shoes, it further affirms Cristiano Ronaldo’s great ability.

Center striker Robert Lewandowski

Center striker Robert Lewandowski

Robert Lewandowski is a Polish striker currently playing at Barcelona. Top finishing skills with an impressive success rate have helped Lewandowski gain attention. That also helps Lewandowski become a monster in the 16m50 area.

Lewandowski is a striker with an intelligent mind, and the ability to orient and choose the correct position. He always appears at the right time in hot spots, thereby creating great goals.

Striker Karim Benzema

Benzema is a French striker born in 1987 who played for top clubs like Lyon and Real Madrid. This player is known as the most talented striker in football history. In particular, sharp scoring ability and skillful technique are Benzema’s characteristics.

Whether it’s from a distance or close range, Benzema’s scoring ability is very impressive. In particular, this player is famous for his top headers in the 16m50 area. Even though he plays as a striker, Benzema also can create good assists for his teammates to score.

Striker Luis Suárez

Striker Luis Suárez

When learning about the 5 most highly-rated strikers of all time, we cannot ignore Luis Suárez. He is the most famous Uruguayan player. Suárez possesses impressive speed, top-notch technique, and perfect goal-scoring ability. Making his mark at many top clubs in Europe such as Barcelona or Liverpool is clear evidence.

Luis Suárez is considered a naturally talented striker. With impressive goal-scoring ability and high accuracy, Suárez contributed significantly to the victory for the team he played for. A successful career for many years helped Suárez leave a big mark in football history.


Learning about the best strikers of all time is interesting information for everyone. Above are 5 outstanding names with a high level of influence in the sport of football. Sharing from 5JILI will help your questions be answered in detail and completely. In addition, you can learn more about the world football legend to get more interesting information for yourself.

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