Sabong Online: How to Win Big in Cockfighting 5JILI

Sabong online is considered the most popular game among the house’s famous games. Not only does it meet the needs of time and location, but it also saves effort. That’s why the cockfighting game has won a lot of sympathy from online bettors. If you want to know the details about this online Sabong 5JILI, let’s dig deeper with the dealer through this article.

Overview of the online Sabong game

Overview of the online Sabong game

Sabong online game is a cockfighting betting game on an online platform. Developing technology has allowed the game to emerge strongly as an online phenomenon. You can see cockfighting matches being broadcast live from professional cockfighting arenas and they all operate legally and openly.

Sabong online not only helps you entertain but also earn large amounts of money through betting, moreover it also brings benefits to you by saving effort, time, and money.

This is an extremely popular betting game in the Vietnamese market. Especially at 5JILI, every day there are hundreds of thousands of visits to the Sabong online section. Just log in to the homepage, and bettors can click on the game and experience it.

Learn 3 ways to bet Sabong online

Learn 3 ways to bet Sabong online

All 3 forms of betting have the following concepts:

  • Wala: Form of betting on the player’s fighting cock to win. Has higher odds than Meron, but the chance of winning is lower so it is not used often.
  • Meron: This form is to bet on the house’s fighting cock to win. Usually, these fighting cocks have been carefully vetted, plus their winning advantage is also higher. Therefore, the odds will be given at a moderate level compared to the fighting cock on the player’s side
  • BDD: This form means betting on a match with a draw result. However, it will have extremely high odds because this level happens in reality. In a cockfight, there will be fierce fighting until one side loses or runs away. Mostly it’s win or lose.

The secret to becoming a professional Sabong online bettor

The secret to becoming a professional Sabong online bettor

Gain more experience

In addition to understanding the rules of playing Sabong online, you also need to gain more experience and learn from experienced, long-time good bettors.

You must regularly observe cockfighting matches, and analyze the factors of fighting cocks and the odds. After that, you will be able to summarize your own experience and improve your level for the next bets.

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Pay attention to the characteristics of the fighting cock

Through observing cockfights, you can notice the following characteristics of fighting cocks:

  • Skin color: The neck and head of the fighting cock are bright red, indicating that it is a good chicken. On the contrary, if they are pale in color, it is a sign of poor health and weak physical strength.
  • When the chickens are relaxed after each round and want to find food or hesitate, they are not ready. On the contrary, if you are hot-blooded and participate in battle right away, you will show that you are very brave and can go into battle at any time.
  • Chickens with legs that are a bit long and loose have a less dangerous kick. Stamina is quickly consumed and worn away.
  • Choose chickens with dark feather color, beautiful appearance, and agility.
  • You should not choose a chicken with loose stools, it is most likely a chicken that has been forced to gain weight.
Set limits on play time

Set limits on play time

Looking at the bet levels at Sabong online, you can choose your bet level, along with having a reasonable entertainment time regime. You can set a one-day limit for yourself, for example.

The core problem is knowing where to stop, this is what every bettor needs. If you lose but still try to unwind and play too much, you will easily lose all your capital. You need to learn how to control your emotions and keep a cool head to make decisions.

Consider the element of chance

This is still a betting game that relies heavily on luck and luck. The results can only be predicted at the beginning and by the experience of observing fighting cocks accumulated over many years. Especially when you only observe chickens online, it is very difficult to see the chicken’s characteristics closely.

You can rely on the history of results or predict according to the luckiest person. This is a good tip for those who are new to the game or still can’t predict. 


Above is a summary of all the information about online Sabong that the house wants to share with you. If you apply the above experiences and secrets well, 5JILI firmly believes that online cockfighting will bring success. gives you a not-small source of income. Come to 5JILI playground to experience this highly entertaining game.

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