Indonesian betting odds and learn effective ways to calculate bets

Indonesian betting odds are always a topic that attracts a lot of attention from people in the sports betting world. This type of bet has appeared for a long time on today’s betting house homepages. To help you better understand this type of bet as well as understand how to calculate it correctly, let’s go deeper with bookmaker 5JILI in the article below.

Important information about Indonesian betting odds

Important information about Indonesian betting odds

Although it is a popular type of bet in the market, according to many surveys, the number of players who understand this type of Indo bet in general and the odds of betting on Indo bets are very low. To help readers understand more clearly and in more detail about Indo odds so that it is more convenient for everyone to register to play, please continue to follow the content we share below.

Do you understand correctly what Indonesian odds are?

Indonesian odds are known as a popular type of betting that is a combination of two main types of odds: Malay odds and Hong Kong odds. The highlight of Indonesian odds is that they have both negative and positive odds. That’s why Indonesian odds are currently one of the types that people often mention when betting and bookmakers offer many attractive odds.

Why is Indonesian betting worthy of your choice?

Many people often think that Indonesian handicaps are very difficult to play and get used to because they are somewhat more complicated. However, looking at reality, Indonesian odds are an easy-to-play type of bet that has more diverse options for bettors and a higher chance of making profits than usual.

Cases for calculating bets in Indo bets

Cases for calculating bets in Indo bets

Already have a better understanding of Indo odds with the content just shared above. At the same time, one of the next important contents that it seems that anyone who is interested in and loves Indonesian betting cannot ignore is to master the shared cases of calculating bets and betting bonuses in Indonesian betting. down here.

In the case of calculating Indo odds with positive odds

When bookmakers offer Indonesian odds, most of them will generally be positive odds. Below is a formula for you to calculate the amount of bonus bets that Indo bettors receive and detailed examples that are easy to understand for you. Specifically:

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Positive Betting Bonus received = Positive Odds x Bet Amount

How to calculate money for Indo bets when the odds are negative

The special point that makes Indonesian odds different from some other types of odds is the presence of negative odds. Below will be an easy-to-understand formula and calculation for you when placing negative bets in Indonesian bets.

Negative betting bonus received = Bet amount / Negative odds

Pocket some of the best tips for playing Indonesian handicap betting

Pocket some of the best tips for playing Indonesian handicap betting
  • To help you get a winning rate in sports betting, besides the aspects of luck, below are a few good tips that you can pocket for yourself when playing Indonesian betting. Specifically:
  • Choosing your favorite match is an extremely good tip when betting on Indonesia. Even though you know that the results of the matches will take place naturally, if you bet on your favorite matches, players will have the confidence to make the best decisions.
  • Besides, you need to be very calm when betting with the big odds that the house offers. Instead, you need to carefully calculate and analyze these bets to avoid unnecessary risks.


Indonesian betting odds and ways to calculate bets for this type of bet have just been shared in detail and specifically in the last article. We hope that this will be the most useful information and knowledge for you when interested in Indonesian betting. Wishing you moments of wonderful entertainment experience and the highest chance of winning bets with Indo bets.

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