How to Read European Odds Analyze 1X2 Soccer Odds

How to read European odds to participate in this type of bet is considered popular by most online bookmakers operating in the market and is something that is of particular interest to newbies. So what are European odds, how to read odds correctly, please read 5JILI‘s article to understand better.

What is a European handicap?

What is a European handicap?

Regarding the name, European football odds are also known as Odds or 1X2 odds. The name European odds comes from the starting area of ​​the odds offered by bookmakers and many players participate in. Europe is the oldest cradle of legal betting in the world and the history of sports betting, especially football, also originates from this region.

European odds are bets with a very simple way to participate. Players can choose one of three possibilities to bet without caring about which team is stronger and also without caring about the difference in goals or the total number of goals scored in that match. much like when playing Asian handicap.

On the bookmaker’s betting board, European odds also appear in two types of bets: full match bets and first-half bets. Full match bets (FT.1X2) and first-half bets (1H.1X2), this bet applies for 90 days. official match minutes.

Why is European Handicap played a lot?

Why is European Handicap played a lot?
  • European bets (1X2) are one of the types of bets most chosen by many bettors. The reason this bet is attractive to members is due to the following factors:
  • Popular types of bets can be easily found in every odds table provided by online bookmakers, so it’s easy to participate.
  • European odds are easier to play, betting is simpler, and the reward calculation is easier to recognize than Asian odds.
  • Playing European odds has no chance of winning money, which is why this bet is a green nine bet for those who play big bets.

How to read basic European odds for rookie oddsmakers

How to read basic European odds for rookie oddsmakers

Effective European odds reading depends on many factors, the first thing you need to know is how to read basic European odds, the name of the odds, and the odds on the bookmaker’s odds table.

1X2 odds explained

  • For you to better understand how to read European football odds, there are 3 betting odds in European soccer odds offered by bookmakers: win for the home team, win for a draw, win for the away team with other teams. The odds offered vary. The default on the bookmaker’s odds table is the 1X2 odds arranged vertically corresponding to 3 ratios:
  • 1: choose the home team to win – Home door. With this option, if the home team wins, the player will win the bet.
  • X: choose two tied teams – Draw. If the match results in a draw, the player will win the bet on this option.
  • 2: Away team symbol – choose away team to win – Away door. The player chooses this door and if the away team wins, the player will bet.
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How to calculate winning or losing bets on 1X2 bets

As analyzed above, the 1X2 bet gives participating players 3 betting options: Bet on the home team, bet on the away team, and bet on a draw. Bets are calculated according to the specified rate from the bookmakers’ updated odds table.

A specific example of European odds applied to the match between the two teams Liaoning Shenyang and Urban in the Chinese football tournament China League 1, in this match Liaoning Shenyang played at home. The European odds table that the bookmaker offers for the whole match bet for you to choose is 2.33*3.45*2.49.

Reading the odds parameters on the odds table, we can see that 1X2 corresponds to 1: Liaoning Shenyang the home team wins with a ratio of 1 to 2.33,

Bet on Urban to win (door 2)

If at the end of the match Urban loses, the player loses all 100,000. If Urban wins, the player earns 100,000 x 2.49 = 249,000


A simple, easy-to-understand way to read European odds has been shared in the article with interested readers. Participate in betting with the house to have a reputable, fair playing field and receive the highest quality betting experience.

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