How to play the card game Catte always wins for beginners

How to play Catte is a form of knowledge that every player needs to know, this is an essential requirement to start a card game. So how to play cattle correctly and are there any good tips for this genre? 5JILI will answer immediately.

What is Catte and the best way to play Catte in the world

What is Catte and the best way to play Catte in the world

A good cattle song is the genre Cat te, Sat te according to the slang of the Vietnamese people. This is a genre that is quite familiar to players as it has officially reached the top of the most interesting card games on the planet since its inception. So in which region of our country is the card game most played?

According to information about the habit in previous years, people all over the country, from the South, Central, and North, all love this genre of cattle. In each region, although they ensure to comply with the rules and how to play cattle, each region will customize it according to their needs and preferences.

Another reason why it is loved so much by our Vietnamese brothers must be the way it is used. This is a highly appreciated subject as it requires players to apply a lot of thinking and intelligence. This also helps players gain more confidence and pride when winning in this subject.

Some of the most basic characteristics to keep in mind when playing

Some of the most basic characteristics to keep in mind when playing

Next in this article, we will summarize important information to note about this genre. Please put your money in your pocket now to avoid losing money in the future and useless bets. Some things that need to be extremely noted in the cattle are:

Deal cards effectively and accurately

When participating in a card game genre with many players like Catte (up to 9 people) and if everyone plays equally well, if no one takes the lead, it is a mistake. Therefore, each game takes place, players will vote for themselves or the dealer will distribute cards to everyone, this helps the game go more smoothly.

Winning conditions for a basic cattle game

To win a game without knowing the winning conditions of that game, you already have a 99% chance of losing. Right next, we will help you remember the winning conditions in a basic game of cattle before registering to play. You can refer to and remember as much as possible right away.

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Catte covers use a deck of cards with 52 regular cards. This is a genre that has the same method of handing out cards, dealing, and arranging cards as Southern cards. However, there is also a difference between these two types of cards, the difference is that in the cattle card, the biggest card is no longer the 2 card like the Southern Tien Len card, but it is the A card.

Regarding winner rules: The only person who wins in each bet will be the person with the highest card in the last card round between opponents. When the highest card is released, it means that the player has officially mastered the boss and is recognized by all players.

A good trick to guess your opponent’s cards

A good trick to guess your opponent's cards

In Catte, predicting your opponent’s cards is extremely necessary, so you should pocket tips to be able to predict your opponent’s cards most effectively. We would like to suggest to you some of the following methods, let’s try to find out how they work.

Observe gestures and expressions

One of the things that express another person’s thoughts is actions and expressions. This is something you should remember, carefully observe your opponents to see how they behave or perform throughout the process before making a decision.

Some examples of easy-to-see opponent expressions include: If the opponent frowns slightly and squints, this shows that the player is thinking very carefully because he may be in a deadlock. On the contrary, if the opponent plays their cards quickly and slams them down on the table, you can guess that it’s because they have a really good hand position, making them quite confident in showing off their personality.

Tips for reversing large pieces when playing Catte

Another tip that we want to introduce to you is reversing the big pieces. It sounds strange, but in fact, this tip is quite easy to apply. Players apply it in cases where they have 1 big card and 1 small card. After that, players do not use large leaves for distillation but will use them in reverse to help the distillation leaves when “skimmed” out, there will not be much water stagnant.


All of the above are detailed information about how to play Catte. Hopefully, this information will help you expand your knowledge, thereby helping you apply it effectively in gambling. Let’s learn more knowledge in the following issues.

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