Dragon King Fish Shooting: Tips for beginners

Dragon King Fish Shooting Game at Phmacao casino has quickly become one of the most popular fish shooting games today, thanks to its unique design and attractive features.

What game is Dragon King Fish Shooting?

Dragon King is a Chinese fish-shooting game that has released an exclusive version for the Vietnamese market. Since its release in 2019, this game has attracted a lot of attention and received positive reviews from the Philippine player base.

What game is Dragon King Fish Shooting?

Dragon King Fish Shooting attracts players with its unique reward feature, which allows them to exchange accumulated reward points for cash or gifts. This game has received the love of players of all ages in Vietnam, with a significant number of downloads on mobile platforms such as Android and iOS.

Players can enjoy the best game experience by depositing money into their accounts via phone scratch cards from leading telecommunications service providers. From there you can open up opportunities to participate more deeply in the world of Dragon King Fish Shooting.”

The game rules are simple

When you enter the game, you will be greeted by three main levels of play:

  • Newbie Level.
  • Expert Level.
  • Dragon King level.
The game rules are simple

Each of these levels has a featured bet level, with beginners starting at the lowest bet level, while Dragon King sets the highest bet level, challenging the most experienced players. For those new to the game, choosing the beginner level will be the ideal first step to familiarizing yourself with the game’s mechanics and atmosphere.

The game stands out with simple and easy-to-understand rules, making it attractive to all types of players. The game’s shooting mechanism relies heavily on the type of gun you choose. When the fired bullet hits the edge of the interface, it will pop up and attack creatures passing by under the ocean.

Each player is equipped with a maximum of 10 bullets, each bullet carries a certain bet. Adjusting your gun will not change the direction of the launched bullets.

Players have the ability to strengthen their bullets through tuning or purchasing additional equipment. Defeating a dragon is not only the main goal of exploration but also gives players valuable rewards.

Advantages of the dragon king fish shooting game

Dragon King Fish Shooting game offers an attractive and diverse gaming experience with many outstanding features that attract players. Here are the main advantages of this game:

Advantages of the dragon king fish shooting game

Multi-language support: This game provides support for many different languages, including Chinese, English, Vietnamese, and Myanmar, helping players from many different countries to experience the game smoothly. easy and comfortable.

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Smooth connection: The game is designed for fast and smooth connection, as long as players have a mobile device or computer connected to the Internet, they can access the game without hindrance.

Free to play: Dragon King Fish Shooter offers a free version for players who want to relax without worrying about being charged. For those who want to try their hand at earning real money, the game also offers an official version to participate in entertaining activities with rewards.

Live chat feature: The game integrates a live chat feature, allowing players to communicate directly with the support team from the publisher. This feature helps resolve problems or concerns quickly, enhancing user experience.

Tips for playing dragon kingfish shooting

Playing the Dragon King Fish Shooting game requires ingenuity and applying the right strategy to achieve the highest efficiency. Here are gaming tips from experts that can help you improve your skills and increase your chances of winning:

Use the target lock function

High efficiency: Taking advantage of the target lock function increases your chance of hitting, especially when facing fast or far-moving targets.

Accuracy: This ensures every bullet you fire counts, optimizing your chances of killing your target.

Destroy large creatures

Huge profits: Big goals often bring high rewards. Don’t hesitate to use your abundant ammo to target large creatures.

Skills and Ammo: Make sure you have enough skills and ammo to face this challenge.

Aim and shoot accurately

Be patient: Stay calm and focus on aiming, don’t rush to shoot continuously without a clear target.

Slow-moving targets: Take advantage of slower-moving targets as they are easier to hit.

Choose the right playroom

Matching skills: Choose a game room based on your skills and experience to avoid unnecessary losses.

Gradually increasing difficulty: Start in the “Novice” room and gradually move up to higher rooms as your skills improve.


So Phamacao has provided a detailed summary of the fish shooting game along with interesting features of the game. Hopefully, this has helped you understand more about this interesting game.

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