Cockfighting tips for bettors who need to improve their betting skills

Cockfighting tips are learned by many people to be able to improve their level and skills in soccer betting. It greatly supports bettors who want to win big and win bolder in bets between pairs of fighting cocks. 5JILI has compiled some tips to help you overcome difficult times to progress faster in cockfighting betting.

What new betting sport is cockfighting?

What new betting sport is cockfighting?

In the Asian entertainment gaming community, the most popular form of money betting is the cockfighting betting genre. Besides Asia, it is also present in many other parts of the world, but the strongest development is still in East Asian countries. In the 17th century, cockfighting appeared in the form of using roosters to fight each other for entertainment, then became a popular folk form.

And appearing on an online platform to help even remote people register to bet is no longer something too far-fetched. Thanks to the development of technology, this form is also quickly covered to serve the needs of bettors who cannot meet their own travel needs.

Find out the information contained in the cockfighting tips topic

Find out the information contained in the cockfighting tips topic

Cockfighting is a subject that requires a lot of combination skills as well as how the fighting cock is chosen to bet on whether that player can win or not. But first, we want to briefly talk about the information contained in cockfighting tips so that bettors can better understand this type of entertainment.

Phrases that often appear in cockfighting

Each type of entertainment betting will have its language, they call it terminology and only those who participate in that type of bet can understand what that keyword means. In cockfighting, there are also some concepts that you can learn to make communication between players more convenient.

One tie, one move is a phrase that just represents that in a big match, there will be other small rounds. When this phrase appears in cockfighting, it means that as bettors, viewers will follow them in many different rounds without worrying about getting confused.

Forms for bettors to choose from for cockfighting betting

  • In cockfighting, except for cases where cocks of the same sex fight each other, there will be some other cases where two cocks of different sexes fight each other. At this time, the betting results in cockfighting will not be affected much, because you can win not only based on the gender of that chicken. Some forms of cockfighting betting included in cockfighting tips are as follows:
  • Meron: the bettor will choose the dealer’s cock as the last winner. This is often a popular choice because bookmakers often check good seed quality to help matches have higher odds, and at the same time, the odds are reduced to be more affordable while still having a winning rate. High.
  • Wala will be the choice for bettors who like to take risks to receive huge amounts of money. It has a high payout rate but comes with the risk that its win rate is low and not as high as expected.
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Top 3 cockfighting tips to support potential bettors

Top 3 cockfighting tips to support potential bettors

It’s not like cockfighting suddenly became popular. After many years of development in the field of entertainment betting, bettors who have been playing cockfighting for many years have also learned some cockfighting tips that can be applied effectively in cockfights.

Avoid pressure issues, focus on winning and losing

Many people find cockfighting as an effective form of stress relief. That’s why when betting, don’t place too much emphasis on winning or losing. It will make the bettors feel more pressured, while originally you did not participate to receive this extra pressure.

Mentally strong against blows from fighting cocks

Another tip drawn from the first tip above is to have a strong mentality when participating in cockfighting betting. The blows that fighting cocks give will often shock some new bettors because they are a bit violent. However, in this situation, you just need to know that they are fighting each other and focus on the match to bet.

The time invested in fighting cocks needs to be reasonable

During the process of participating in cockfighting, choosing and investing in a fixed number of chickens can help you understand it more. Once you understand it, you can quickly decide which side to bet on every time that chicken appears in any match.


Today’s information page has provided you with useful information about cockfighting tips. They can be applied to any cockfighting player, whether they have been playing for a long time or have recently joined. Slowly apply these good tips to support yourself in the process of participating in cockfighting betting.

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