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Playing betting basketball makes it easy to win and earn a lot of money. If football is the king sport, then basketball is also one of the most loved genres! In this article, a Jili77 expert will introduce how to bet on NBA basketball – the most attractive basketball tournament on the planet for you guys!

Basketball betting in the US NBA tournament

Basketball betting in the US NBA tournament

The NBA belongs to the North American professional basketball league. This is the oldest soccer tournament and the destination of many fans around the world. This is where 30 basketball clubs gather, including 29 American clubs and 1 Canadian club.

Experience betting on NBA basketball under the control of the US Federation of Football Associations. The tournament features teams from the East and West regions with 3 regions including Preseason, Regular, Season, and Playoff.

Bets on the American NBA basketball tournament

Bets on the American NBA basketball tournament

Similar to other sports bets such as Betting on football, tennis, tennis, etc. Players will bet on basketball with bets on the system including:

Money Lines bet

Money Lines is one of the popular types of bets in NBA basketball betting competitions that you can refer to. With this type of bet, you only need which team wins the match for it to end. Because of such a simple method, many new players have chosen this bet to participate in the NBA basketball tournament.

Handicap odds

Handicap is the type of handicap in basketball betting. With Handicap, when there is a real difference between the two teams, you will receive a large sum of money. In the handicap, there will not be any cases where the player just needs to focus on a team that is considered stronger. Sometimes these bets are considered more popular than the above two bets.

In the odds tables at the bookmaker, the handicapped team will have a “+” symbol, whereas the handicapped team will have a “-” symbol. In some cases, it only shows up with the numbers placed right next to the handicap odds. With this way of betting, you will see some cases appear that are the result of a handicap but are not the same as reality.

Total Basketball betting

Total basketball betting is known exactly as the over/under-betting name in NBA basketball betting. With these bets, you will predict the score that the team will score within the specified period of the match, you will choose over or under based on the match situation.

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Bet on 1 round

This bet, to be more precise, includes all popular types of bets such as; Over/Under, Handicap, etc. You can choose the bet you want. However, this result will only be counted as one of the 15-minute rounds, so you also need to consider carefully to choose correctly. 1 round of bets will be divided into 4 types, each type will correspond to one round.

Experience to win NBA basketball bets

Experience to win NBA basketball bets

Some experts have said that there is no way to win absolutely and forever. Winning a bet will depend on many factors, including luck. You need to firmly grasp the forms of online betting, so take the time to learn and listen to experiences from those who have gone before. This is a smart way to know how to apply your knowledge to conquer the betting odds of the tournament.

You should not bet too much at the same time, this will lead to loss of control and the possibility of losing everything. Of course, those who have courage, always want to try to find out why they fail and what is the cause.

You need to choose the bookmaker system and betting odds that suit you. Better yet, 1 to 2 days in advance, you should look at the information about the betting odds that the bookmaker offers. If you find it erratic, you should review it carefully before betting. Next, you need to know how to analyze the comments and the level of strength and weakness between those two matches. Don’t let emotions influence you too much.

Finally, you should choose matches, and filter out a list of teams with stable performance, for example, in the NBA tournament, there will be teams like San Antonio Spurs, Los Angeles Lakers, Boston Celtics, etc. According to statistics, these are all strong basketball teams, and they all have relatively impressive achievements that you can choose to put your trust in.

Basketball is not a difficult sport, but it is one of the less popular games (compared to football). However, you need to be knowledgeable and passionate about this subject so that when you win the bet, the money will be very valuable.

Above is an article introducing betting basketball for the American NBA tournament. Hope we have brought you useful knowledge. If you want to bet on NBA matches, come to 5JILI, the leading reputable bookmaker in the Philippines with many great incentives for new members.

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